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The Cypher - Sacramento Upperclassmen 2013
Brandon Scott
Abstract Ninjaa
(Prod. by AmpONE)

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;

631 plays Wor(L)d (rough) The SWEEP Tumblr Exclusive


The Sweep (SOOSH*E! x RUFIO)
Produced by RUFIO
Tumblr Exclusive Leak
Cover Art by Jordan

We decided to make our return where we got our start, not only with Tumblr as the location, but with the sound that our followers got accustomed to with the Orientation Day release - which included tracks like “Break Of Dawn” and “Lampin’” that received a lot of good feedback. You can download Orientation Day here.

In another effort to continue tradition, we also had our good homie Jordan Yee hit us with the cover art, and he definitely aided in the continuation of the movement.

Let’s bring hip hop back to the world. (Pun Intended).

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;

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First & Foremost was released on August 9th, 2010 as Soosh*e’s first full-length project. And attempt at making music for all listeners, this album was a heavy hitter on social network sites. Many tracks still surfacing online and creating a buzz for the Sacramento Hip Hop scene. Features include RU, Shane Q, Chuuwee, Krystaline, and Arami. Guest producers include IonQuest, Re*Source, Slant, and FourFive - with Soosh*e and RU as the lead producers.